March 29, 2007

oh my!

and i thought i was tired before!
Monday the baby was looking funny on the monitor at the OB's office so they sent me to the hospital for better monitoring.  Thankfully, she looks just fine.  Precautions are FINE w/me, but make me tired!
Tuesday I stayed home to rest.  Sent the kids to my mom's even though BabyT had the beginning of a cold.  WELL.  Around 6:30, he feels hot, fever of 102!  So I give him Tylenol.  Then at 7 give him decongestant/cough meds.  At 8, his fever is STILL 102.  I call the pediatrician, but he falls asleep before he calls me back.  We are up EIGHT TIMES w/BabyT between 10p.m. and 6 a.m.  UGH.  SO much for my day of rest!
So yesterday I stay home w/Baby T (also SO NOT RESTFUL).  Thank goodness he only got up twice, but worrying about him and listening to the monitor cost me very much sleep/rest.

So I am REALLY TIRED TODAY.  Be nice to me.

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