March 19, 2007


35w2d today!
Nursery painting has begun!  It's a beautiful sage under the chair rail and white-white over the chair rail (pics coming when it's done!)
Hubby redecorated the main level powder room this weekend - paint, new fixtures, new mirror, wall hangings - it also looks GREAT.
BabyT is growing so fast!  His vocabulary is expanding (we have 1 or 2 2-syllable words!  WAF_FLE! ) and his physical abilities are growing quickly too.  Mentally he's learning about the concepts of yes, no, be gentle, etc.  He can follow simple instructions ("take this to daddy") and loves to DANCE DANCE to the Wiggles! 
Son got new sneakers yesterday and he is SO EXCITED to wear his new ones to school today!  I managed to find a pair that velcro, but not in the usual 2 strap way, so these just look cool (Nikes, and they are black and red).  Hubby refuses to let him wear "regular" velco closure shoes (w/the 2 straps across the top of your foot) and I have to say, these are WAY cooler than those!
I am huge and uncomfortable, but for the moment, we are trying to STAY pregnant for as long as possible - so I can work and we can get more things ready, so send me lots of "stay pregnant vibes".  No "early baby" vibes please!

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