March 31, 2007

so frustrating!

I made THREE EXTRA loan payments on my truck this year.  Thinking that would HELP us get the truck paid off faster.

When I called to see what the payoff amt was last night, I was stunned to hear the amt (it's not that much, but it's THREE PAYMENTS more than I thought)...well, when you send extra payments, they don't auto-withdraw payments again until you owe again, as if you didn't make extra payments (meaning for the next three months, they DIDN'T withdraw money for the truck payments....GRRR.  So, we're not any further ahead w/the payments than if I had not bothered.


March 29, 2007

oh my!

and i thought i was tired before!
Monday the baby was looking funny on the monitor at the OB's office so they sent me to the hospital for better monitoring.  Thankfully, she looks just fine.  Precautions are FINE w/me, but make me tired!
Tuesday I stayed home to rest.  Sent the kids to my mom's even though BabyT had the beginning of a cold.  WELL.  Around 6:30, he feels hot, fever of 102!  So I give him Tylenol.  Then at 7 give him decongestant/cough meds.  At 8, his fever is STILL 102.  I call the pediatrician, but he falls asleep before he calls me back.  We are up EIGHT TIMES w/BabyT between 10p.m. and 6 a.m.  UGH.  SO much for my day of rest!
So yesterday I stay home w/Baby T (also SO NOT RESTFUL).  Thank goodness he only got up twice, but worrying about him and listening to the monitor cost me very much sleep/rest.

So I am REALLY TIRED TODAY.  Be nice to me.

March 26, 2007

362d - and nursery not done.

Am freaking out.  Nursery is a mess, courtesy of trying to install a chandelier this weekend.   And it still needs 1 more coat of white paint, plus various touch up.  Haven't ordered chandelier or quilt hanger or room accents.  Where did all my time go?

March 22, 2007

does this count?

The guy didn't say anything, but he almost walked into the wall trying to walk around a corner while staring at my belly.

March 20, 2007

inappropriate comment #3

Guy in Elevator: Congratulations!  When are you due?
ME: about three weeks, thanks
Guy: REALLY??? (Eyes bugging out) ARE YOU SURE?

Today's Count

Total STRANGERS commenting on the size of the belly = 2.  It is just now 10 a.m.

March 19, 2007


35w2d today!
Nursery painting has begun!  It's a beautiful sage under the chair rail and white-white over the chair rail (pics coming when it's done!)
Hubby redecorated the main level powder room this weekend - paint, new fixtures, new mirror, wall hangings - it also looks GREAT.
BabyT is growing so fast!  His vocabulary is expanding (we have 1 or 2 2-syllable words!  WAF_FLE! ) and his physical abilities are growing quickly too.  Mentally he's learning about the concepts of yes, no, be gentle, etc.  He can follow simple instructions ("take this to daddy") and loves to DANCE DANCE to the Wiggles! 
Son got new sneakers yesterday and he is SO EXCITED to wear his new ones to school today!  I managed to find a pair that velcro, but not in the usual 2 strap way, so these just look cool (Nikes, and they are black and red).  Hubby refuses to let him wear "regular" velco closure shoes (w/the 2 straps across the top of your foot) and I have to say, these are WAY cooler than those!
I am huge and uncomfortable, but for the moment, we are trying to STAY pregnant for as long as possible - so I can work and we can get more things ready, so send me lots of "stay pregnant vibes".  No "early baby" vibes please!

March 13, 2007

About vacation!

It was wonderful!
Son turned from a learning ski person to a fantastic skier in one week!  He was leading dad all around the mountain, picking out which lift and trail he'd like to try next!  They did a little terrain park even!  He's trying to teach himself jumps (oh, my heart!)...

BabyT was fantastic - every day we'd go out and play in the snow, make snowballs, and dig.  Also to watch Son ski (we were right on the slope) and watch him ride the big lift (a 6 chair!).
Wonderful food - lots of steak.
And so much activity, I LOST a pound - and since BabyGirl gained 1/2 a pound, I actually lost 1.5 pounds!  Unbelieveable that I was that active (trust me, if you saw the GIANT belly, you wouldn't think I could walk).

So - vacation w/2 little kids across the country = piece of cake and MUCH fun for everyone.  I thought it would be harder than that, really I did.  But w/2 easy going kids and some planning (like portable tvs for each of them --> ARCHOS players) it was a breeze!  And some little trinkets to pass out when they were antsy (4 hour plane ride, then 3 hour car ride to and from the resort).
I have to give UNITED AIRLINES it's due for totally sucking though.  They overbooked the flight both ways, so there were a ton of people bumped (thank god not us!).  Then we were all boarded for the flight home.  They announced that we would wait for the first officer then leave.  30 MINUTES later, some REGULAR passenger shows up and the close the door behind him.  SO we all sat and waited 30 minutes for this guy?  Come ON, be on time or be left behind.  And there were at least 20 people that HAD tickets and WERE on time that didn't get on the plane?  Where's the fairness in that?  When we landed, they had to announce that a whole bunch of people on our flight missed their connector since we were "so late".  Nice.  Some of them were going to FRANCE.  Not likely they could just catch a later flight that night, right?  All for ONE GUY.  Please.  And the seats on the flight home were so small and so close together we were massively uncomfortable.  I couldn't put my seat back because big ol' hubby was behind me and i was PRAYING the lady in front of me didn't put her seat down - as it was, I couldn't put the tray table down because of the belly.  I don't know what larger people do in situations like this, as I am really not THAT big (I've only gained 18 pounds in my 35 weeks).
Anyway, we had fun, now we're back!

March 12, 2007

and .....................

we are back!  AND SO TIRED.  Hint for those that travel: don't mix a TIME Difference (for example coming back to the  east coast from Colorado = 2 hour time difference) AND a time Change (1 hr spring forward) onto the same day w/little children!  BAD IDEA!
More later, am tired.

March 07, 2007

on vacation!

we are in beautiful sunny snowy Snowmass Colorado, and having a wonderful time, though no skiing for me!