January 15, 2008

man, it's been a while!

HI there!  I just got back Sunday night from A GIRL'S WEEKEND!  It was fun and fabulous and all that I'd dreamed of.  And after 3 days away from the kids, I feel refreshed and energetic and full up of patience to be with them and love them and want to cuddle them like crazy!

We had a great time (traveling had LOTS OF ISSUES, we will never fly Continental again) - eating and drinking and seeing the sights in Scottsdale, AZ.  And it is so wonderful to chat and hangout and re-bond with my girlfriends.  It's amazing how wonderful it is to sit and talk with other women that GET you.  And are in the same place in their lives.  And dealing with the same issues.  It is revitalizing and wonderful.   I love my girlfriends. 

We are already discussing plans for the next one!

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