January 07, 2008

yeah, i don't know about this one.

Inmates on death row are challenging the way executions are handled.  They challenge the way most states execute prisoners by lethal injection, which critics say creates an avoidable risk of excruciating pain.  You know what?  You don't get ON DEATH ROW by being nice.  You caused SOMEONE severe pain, probably an excruciating death, actually.  So please stop spending my tax dollars to save you from what might be a painful death, when the death (or deathS) you caused yourself were not PAIN FREE.  Please.  Get off it.  If the Constitutional Amendments say that we need to spare them from unnecessary pain, then I say repeal the amendment.  If some jerk had murdered my family, and now wants a pain-free ticket, FORGET IT.  How many of my tax dollars are being spent on this?

The article on Yahoo! actually points out that it is unlawful to execute animals in this way.  That is fine - THEY should get pain-free executions because they didn't MURDER anyone.  I think that law is just fine.

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