January 23, 2008

on working...

When I started to get ready to get for work, my big name alphabet soup company did not have any part time positions for me.  This was a bummer as we need the money.  I'm in the same boat as a lot of families around here - my hubby makes (for example) $10 a month.  Our bills add up to $11 a month.  So I have to work, even though it looks as if I don't because most of my paycheck is extra (except of course, when we overspend --> December was a rough month with a Disney Trip, Christmas and birthdays for TWO of our children).

BUT in November they found a part time spot for me working for the group that writes and maintains the software for our company's help desk.

I love my new job!! LOVE LOVE LOVE.  I work with great people, in a great location, with great flexibility in my schedule.  AND I can work from home occasionally or to earn extra hours.  And it is possibly one of the few true development positions in the world that is part time!

It is a perfect fit and I couldn't be happier!

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