May 01, 2009

Friday Bullets!

  • SWINE FLU! .00003% of the population has it. You have a higher chance of winning the lottery (though I guess if you get swine flu, you've just used up your lifetime of unlikely things happening).
  • We just got BabyJ her first pair of big girl sandals. I could die of the cuteness.
  • boo hiss! Unexpected May expenses (it's only May 1, how can we have unexpected expenses already!) - $200 for pool filters and $100 for hot tub filters. The pool guys come to open the pool Monday and not only is it a green cesspool right now, they want $375?!!
  • The health insurance for my new job not ONLY is awesome with lower copays, etc., IT IS FREE! COVERED BY THE EMPLOYER AT 100% - now that is TEH AWESOME.
  • Boo hiss! My current employer announced a 2% layoff that will happen Tuesday. So NOT ONLY will people lose their jobs, but they get the dreary weekend to worry.
  • ToddlerT is LOVING the heck out of swim lessons and is already trying to swim indepenedently!
  • boo hiss! Have a sore throat - so does the son that had strep and just finished his antibiotics. I hope that he doesn't need a second round and that I also didn't catch it!
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