May 15, 2009

Tina Turner Legs...

Well...I have ALWAYS had nice legs. And when one has an asset (and a few NON-ASSETS) one flaunts that asset! I went to the salon today in my Daisy Dukes (the only kind of shorts I OWN) and they FLIPPED out. Apparently, they think my legs are awesome. SERIOUSLY -for 10 minutes they inquired -natural? YES! No lipo there! Just 3 miles 3 times a week for OMG 20 years now (fuck! 20 years?? damn i am apparently old) and a nice skin color (tan!) to show them off. I love the muscle that runs down your outer thigh so I work that one SPECIFICALLY at the gym. If hubby wouldn't freak, I'd give you a picture.

Several times during my life, guy friends have told me I have BETTER legs than Tina Turner (which is funny since my first name is TINA!).

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