January 13, 2009

bullet points for you!

** if you feed an infant small enough to still be in an infant carrier seat NERDS CANDY to keep it quiet while you shop, you suck.
** if you have the 3 year old push the infant around FAR AWAY FROM YOU while you shop in peace, you still suck
** if you feed an infant that cannot sit up on it's own some of your coffee drink, you also suck a lot
** I apparently am old - things I thought were SHIRTS at the store are apparently DRESSES. WTH? I did buy them anyway!
** I got an awesome cocktail dress for Vegas at Bebe for 50% off!
** the lady dressed in ALL PURPLE with PURPLE accessories was weird
** I love shopping! Oh how I've missed it so.
** if you walk up to me and start speaking as if I know you (and I do not) I will look at you like you are crazy (especially if you SMELL, Mr. SmellyMan)
** I moved desks at work and now the crazy cube mate w/the adhd daughter and anxiety sit far away. It is quieter in my new spot, except for the young'uns on our team that congregate at the table outside my cube. At least they are funny.
** ketchup squeezed into the interns diet coke BY THE OTHER INTERN is really funny.
** 3 weeks of NO MISSED WORKOUTS! GO ME!


docgrumbles said...

You are correct about those people sucking.

And when did shirts become dresses?

Michelle Smiles said...

Yikes...people are morons.