January 05, 2009

Why I love my dishwasher...

My dishes are SPARKLY! They are SO CLEAN! NO FILM what-so-ever.

** it holds A TON of dishes. 14 place settings, officially.
** it has 3 racks - bottom for plates and pans. Middle for glasses and cups.
** top rack for silver to lay flat and sorted so that each piece gets cleaned - instead of shoving all the silver into a basket in the bottom - w/our old one, it was 4 basket slots for ALL the silver. I never really thought each piece could get really clean like that. This one stores it all in the top third rack, laying flat, so each piece gets clean and doesn't touch other pieces. Sippy cup lids also fit nicely in there.
** Seriously, my glassware has never sparkled so like it does now!
** I've started putting dishes in that aren't rinsed clean already and GUESS WHAT?! THEY COME OUT CLEAN!
** It has a built in disposer to get rid of any chunks left on.

I love it and am now an LG brand convert!! And I really recommend getting one w/the third rack for silverware!

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