January 02, 2009

Happy 2009!

May this year be better than last! I mean, our home value and retirement acct values have no where to go but up, right??!!

It is also nearing the end of winter break, thank goodness! I don't think my kids' brains could handle it if break was any longer. I try to keep them entertained, but with the 3, it is hard. BAKUGAN is helping though! It is an AWESOME game and helps the kids play something not-freaking-electronic. And there's math! And reading! So, score 1 for educational games, right?

Next post - how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new dishwasher as well as some descriptions of the inside. I'm doing this not to show off, but because NO ONE DOES IT and when you are shopping for a dishwasher all anyone shows is the picture of the blasted DOOR, which, other than the color, is the least important attribute of the whole darn thing!

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