January 16, 2009

My it is so cold!

It was 7 degrees here today. I know it a lot places, it was way colder than that, but 7 here is a big deal! Our pool is frozen solid (not like we were going to use it this month anyway ;-) - the heat in the house is running constantly - I've actually turned it down to, gasp!, 71 so our electric/gas bills aren't so high this month. That builder grade crappy heat pump upstairs doesn't do squat for heating the house and it runs all the damn time. If only we had the $$ to replace it, that would be high on our list. So far January's HIGH UNEXPECTED expenses:
** new dishwasher. Ours was full of funky gross water.
** fridge repair - $250 for cracked water pump housing
** unexpected dental expense for me - $2,444,333 (or otherwords, a lot of money!)

good freaking grief. It's all because we started to spend just a tiny bit of money trying to get the basement ready to get finished (which we are doing ourselves to save $$)....but man! And Jan is only 1/2 over! Please don't let any of my other appliances die!

Also - our living room couch is 10 years old and seriously needs to be replaced. Anyone got any spare $$ they don't want?!

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