October 17, 2009

A rainy weekend...

instead of going to the Homecoming Parade today and the Harvest Festival tomorrow, we are STUCK inside. Wandering thru a parking lot w/a double stroller and Son in the pouring rain IS NOT going to happen. I was going to venture out when it was a drizzle, but as soon as I got done w/my shower this morning, it was pouring. Sucky.

So now T is sleeping and BabyJ is protesting STILL in her crib that she doesn't want to take her nap. She's been complaining for 2 hours. UGH.

This weekend sucks so far. I was also going to grab stuff for Halloween cupcakes, but now all I have cupcakes and icing I could turn orange, IF i had the energy to bake it all from scratch (I was going to buy the mix as I am EXHAUSTED). Probably not. It'll probably be chocolate chip cookies though, from scratch, as they are easy.

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enjanerd said...

If you haven't done your baking yet, here's an easy cupcake recipe. Throw some sprinkles or chocolate chips in the batter for something more lively.