October 13, 2009

Sept. 1991 - Dietrick store - MY BIGGEST DISCOVERY

Setting: 1991. I had arrived at VA Tech only a few weeks earlier and LOVED EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF MY EXISTENCE. College life, with out parents, was FOR ME! I loved it. I did not, however, love the food. In the first 3 weeks of school, I LOST 15 pounds. The food at the dining hall sucked - so I had cheerios for breakfast and a ham&cheese for lunch and a ham&cheese for dinner. No snacks and I was even drinking full calorie PEPSI, for goodness sake. AND A LOT OF BEER. And I lost 15 pounds if that tells you anything about how little I was eating.

So, out of desperation, I goto the little store under the dining hall and am desperately searching for something, anything to eat. I spy COOKIE DOUGH. Darn, I don't have an oven, so I can't make cookies. BUT! There is no "adult" around to STOP ME FROM EATING THE DOUGH RIGHT OUT OF THE PACKAGE! OMG - now THIS is a revelation. And really, a pivotal point. NO ONE AROUND to monitor my food choices! What a discovery is this?! I can eat WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT. And buy that dough I did. AND EAT THE ENTIRE PACKAGE!

(now, I wasn't dumb enough to assume I could eat like that every day - but it was a treat, as was entire bags of Ruffles and dip as well as 7-11 nachos and Velveeta Mac & cheese. Also RAMEN NOODLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I was officially a grown up!

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enjanerd said...

Oh, wow... if you've been by in the past few years, you should stop by West End Market. The food is fantastic! Between that and Deets (coffee, desserts, and ice cream), I gained ~30 pounds my freshman year.