October 07, 2009

WOW - I'm really bad at this, eh?

Although I am cutting myself some slack - I had to work the past 2 days and then take care of three kids once I got home! And with the PILE of homework second graders get, and the fact that they aren't quite able to do it unsupervised yet, we are BUSY.

My work laptop (a mac) won't connect to the internet, only the network. It will connect to internet if I hardwire it to the router. So the blue cord running across my bedroom from the router to the laptop is AWESOME.

That is the hardest part about having hubby gone so long - I can handle the work of taking care of the day to day stuff, but when stuff happens that I can't fix thru pure effort or spending time, it is very frustrating. Or when something on the house or cars breaks that I cannot possibly fix, I just want to cry.

Honestly, I don't know how single parents do it. What do you do, when something breaks that you CANNOT fix and no one is coming home in 2 weeks to fix for you or make it easier?

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