October 03, 2009

So far so good!!

Today was a CRAZY busy day!! ArizonaPal came into town last night so I had the girls over for dinner/beer/wine and a ROCKBAND rockout! It was awesome until we lost track of time and it was POOF 4 a.m. Remember, hubby is away so guess who gets to get up w/the kids at 7? It wasn't ArizonaPal, that's for sure!

Then I had to drive ArizonaPal to Reagan airport, which is NOT the one near my house. Then drive back. And take a super fast shower to goto the DULLES AIRPORT (the airport that IS near my house) Plane Pull. It's an event held by the Special Olympics to raise money - where local businesses put together teams to see who can pull a FedEx jet the fastest. It grows every year - they put up a HUGE bounce around park, food vendors, a bus pull for kids, airplane show (they actually drive the old planes up and down the runway next to the one all the people are on), car show and a military plane exhibition where you can get IN the fighter jets. It is way way cool and we had a blast.

Then a birthday party at Friendlys and a trip to ToysRUs. PHEW - am now very very very tired!

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