March 29, 2010

Food Revolution

Ok - the stuff we feed our kids is crap. Well - I AM trying and I didn't KNOW chicken nuggets you get in the store were that NASTY.

So - stay tuned! Big changes are afoot! Can I get my kids to change?

I will not purchase McDonalds for my kids anymore.
I will try very hard not to buy items w/high fructose corn syrup - I already TRY to do this, but it's hard - I am going to make more of an effort to hit Trader Joe's for stuff instead of Harris Teeter.
LESS SUGAR - well - after Easter. With their daddy gone, I cannot give them an Easter basket that disappoints. I can't do it.

Other suggestions??? They usually hit 4 servings of fruit a day + adequate organic milk and adequate protein.

HELP ME! What else is lurking in my pantry that is bad (aka. Chicken nuggets!!) that I need to know about? How does one know these things?


UCL said...

We have started using agave syrup lately. It is amazing what is so bad for you. The sweet tea at Mcdonalds uses 4 pounds of sugar for one container.

Anne said...

I'm on a "less processed, more natural foods" kick these days. It seems that the more we "touch" our food, the less nutritious it becomes. Of course, trying to keep to that during a chaotic is hard to do.

Have you seen Tyson's "All Natural" chicken nuggets - they claim "100% all natural (No artificial ingredients. Minimally processed). 0 g trans fat per serving. No preservatives. No fillers". I know the "food service" or regular cheap nuggets and chicken patties are horrible for you...but what about those?

toddlerplanet said...

It is tough! Anything packaged has a point against it -- like mac and cheese with powdered cheese -- but that does make it harder to cook, doesn't it?

The worst is fast food. I know, there's a lot to learn!