March 21, 2010

HELLO?! well...

what a neglected place this is!! We've been swamped - we went on a vacation to Snomass, CO where the kids skied their hearts out (the oldest got the fastest time on the race course OUT OF ALL THE KIDS!) and the other two made great strides. As did I - this is the FIRST year I got a full week of skiing in! And it did cost us a pretty penny, but a week on vacation w/our kids and the grandparents is priceless.

Then hubby left Wednesday for an 8 week tour. Well, double crap. But him being gone might give me more time to update! I will try!! First up, I need to find out what's going on w/healthcare. I hope I'm not now paying for the healthcare of lots of other people. I get off my fat ass and goto work to afford the coverage we need, all other people can too. So we'll see - I'll read some links and hopefully the bill, but I'm pretty sure it won't please me.

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UCL said...

I love you and have read you forever, and know you read me and whatnot, but I work, and still have to be on State paid medicaid for me and the kids, because I am only making minimum wage, and going to school full time at the same time. Bart doesn't work, because he is taking care of the kids, because the cost of daycare would make every penny I get go to childcare. I'm not saying I like taxpayers paying for my insurance, I think that a government option is a good thing though, for those of us who can't afford it, aren't offered it, etc.