February 16, 2006

Love On The Rocks

This is another reality show I've found. Basically, couples in trouble have cameras installed in their home, and 2 doctors help them fix their relationship.

In the latest one, Tony and SomeChick are a couple. He is an avid mountain climber (please note that this is NOT a paying job). His "work" is construction. She is a real estate investor (read that: has money).

Their relationship is rocky since they moved in together (shocking, I know). He YELLS at her all the time. He is actually downright nasty and condescending. (if he acted that way to me, he'd be collecting his teeth on his way out the door). They fight all the time.

She wants to get married and have children. He has a college age daughter at UCLA and wants to be a tour guide in Nepal (or something similar to that, you get the idea). He would like to move to be near his daughter, as he says she is his #1 priority. She does not want to move there. She likes the house that she currently lives in (that he moved in to).

She would like an engagement ring. He says she'll get one as soon as SHE BUYS them a house near his daughter, and not one minute sooner.

They show lots and lots of footage of him being an ass and yelling.

Then the doctors bring them in for counseling. It is pretty funny - you can tell both doctors think he is a LOSER with a capital 'L' and are working hard to point that out to her without actually saying it in front of him. The lady doctor does an exercise with SomeChick to point out the differences between them, listing things like: HE wants to climb mountains, SHE works hard. He wants her to buy house, SHE wants them to buy house together. He does not want children, SHE wants children. ETC. They try and point out to him that he's being an ass and yelling. Not only volume, but what he says as well.

THEN the couple break up - she seems to realize they are not on the same 'path'. A week later, she says she misses him, but is so much better off without him.

You guessed it, three months later, they're back together. They cut to footage of him on his construction site, where he's being a smart-ass saying the DR should look deeper into the person, and that he only yells because he's so used to it from work, and if they'd paid any attention to the 'real' him, they'd know that is why he yells, not because he's an inconsiderate mooching ass or anything.


Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

Did you ever watch MAD ABOUT YOU? Helen Hunt and Paul Riser.

They did an episode in which Paul put video cams around the apartment to tape them being 'them'. Within minutes, their behavior changed.

Whether its 20/20, Judge Ito's court room or any reality program: does anyone think people's behavior doesn't change the minute that red light comes on?

overactive-imagination said...

Damn, I didn't see that one but I watch that show all the time. Did you see the one where the young girl was a BITCH to her boyfriends son. She would have SO been outta there a LONG time ago.
I'll have to see if I can catch this one on a rerun.