February 15, 2006


1.5 pounds more gone!!! Yesterday's weigh in, 131.0 pounds! Down from 132.5 last week! THAT is why my jeans now fit (actually I tried them over weekend)...Running and strength training is really working! (I am still eating like crap: ice cream, candy, cookies, etc. --> goodness knows how much I'd lose if I stopped eating all that junk!! )


Corinne said...

*pbbbbbbbbt* :) Congratulations though, on your loss... I can't wait to start losing. I've got SO far to go though... but hopefully nursing and being busy w/ baby will help things along!

enjanerd said...

Woo! Keep up the good work! :)

Don't worry about the junk food... You'll enjoy the weight loss more knowing that you won't have to quit eating what you like just to maintain later.