February 03, 2006

Thank heavens!

Baby T returned to only getting up twice last night. I put him down at 10:30 pm and he got up at 1:50 and 5:45. Then for good at 8:45. So that was VERY NICE.

Today has been HECTIC! I was feeding Baby T and he threw up what looked like his 9 a.m. feeding (we were almost done) and his 5:45 am bottle all over me (I used myself to shield my new family room chairs!). So then it was 2 bottles worth of time re-feeding him all that food. THEN I'm trying to get the last of the house picked up so the cleaning lady can clean, Baby T decides today is a GREAT day to test not having any morning naps (he usually takes 2 or 3!). Then I notice that Son hasn't picked up his room and now I have to do it (no time to spend supervising him doing it)... Of course, Son would like breakfast at somepoint as well... I start to make fried toast for him, the bread is moldy. I talk him into yogurt instead, it is expired. Finally, I get him to eat some turkey bacon and cereal bars. Nice choices there, huh? Next thing I know, it's lunch time and we have to do the whole "what does Son want to eat that I actually have in the house?" routine again. Whew.

FINALLY Baby T is down for a nap, but the cleaning lady is still here so I can't hop in the shower!

Oh.. the training session went GREAT yesterday, except I weighed myself. Since hubby has been home, I GAINED two pounds. So we're back to 135. Oh well. I'm trying to talk myself into a run later this afternoon. We'll see.

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girl from florida said...

Don't worry, you may actually be gaining muscle! Which will be more beneficial in the long run :) Keep up the good work.