February 28, 2006

Various Notes...

  • Dear Baby T - It was GREAT sleeping through the night. Can we return to that schedule please?
  • My boss wants me to start work on March 13 instead of March 20. We are now in intense negotiations.
  • Lake Placid. This is a movie starring Bridget Fonda, Bill Pullman, and Oliver Platt. All are stars that I thought would be WAY above a movie like this. Apparently there is a 30 foot crocodile in some lake that the townspeople wanted to call Lake Placid until they were told that name was taken. Apparently the character played by BETTY WHITE has been feeding WHOLE COWS to this croc. It also has a taste for humans, apparently, having eaten her character's husband and a local fisherman. It is a TERRIBLE movie w/TERRIBLE effects... but at 1:45 a.m. you don't get much choice...Actually I was pulled in by the awfulness of it...
  • My older son didn't get into the local preschool (we were hoping to switch to a closer one for convience sake, even though we LOVE the one he's in now).
  • Baby T is 10 weeks old. Man, what a baby! He's so smiley it's amazing. He constantly tries to sit himself up. He loves his toys!
  • Fisher-Price Sights&Sounds monitor is CRAP! We bought it when Baby T was born and just replaced it this weekend - it SUCKS. The interference on it is TERRIBLE.
  • Baby Bjorn! I just tried it this weekend and I can't BELIEVE no one told me about this miracle thing when I had my first son! How great is this thing? I love it and so does Baby T. Everyone - go buy one!

    and so I'm done as I hear Baby T on the monitor is up and I have to start our morning routine to get my older son to school on-time. Bye!
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