March 04, 2006

On a little trip...

and noticed these things on the plane...

  • the couple with 4 children. They had 4 girls, where the OLDEST one was 4 years old and the youngest was 3 1/2 months (I asked! She's MUCH smaller than Baby T, who is 2 1/2 months). The middle children appeared to be 18 months (she didn't have her own seat, so she must be younger than 2 years old) and the other one maybe 3 years old? Goodness.
  • The 4 year old girl. She wet her pants in the seat. Gross (I KNOW kids have accidents, but gross!) - so the stewardess gave her a blanket to sit on - which is EXACTLY why I never use those blankets. Yuck.
  • These people also felt it was ok to let the 2 oldest girls run around the airplane unsupervised, because they each had their hands full w/the smaller ones.
  • Some jackass w/a backpack hit me on the head w/his backpack while turning around in the aisle. Oblivious jerk. Why is it hard for people to compensate for the backpack space needed when they are wearing one? Why???
  • The lady in the seat in front of me was SO HEAVY that when she reclined her seat, she actually got it to recline like 10 inches and...seriously...her seat was IN MY LAP it was reclined so far. So that was fun.

    But today? We are at the resort and it is fabulous. There is the CUTEST crib ever in the room for Baby T, and the bouncy seat and stroller we rented are so much nicer than what we expected! The bouncy seat is actually brand new. So that is also great.

    Watch this space for more updates!!
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