March 08, 2006


or Cute Things They Say...

at dinner last night...

  • My son, when L got a glass of wine --> "L! Who drank out of your glass? It's already half gone!" when he saw that they only gave the wine glasses half full.
  • After falling asleep on the bench before dinner came and being carried home, where he woke up, he asked "Why did we not eat dinner? We only got drinks!"... He missed the ENTIRE meal sleeping in his seat! And this was the 4 year old! (and a $30 kids steak thrown in the trash to boot!)
  • "I'm farting on you!" as my husband SKIED DOWN THE MOUNTAIN CARRYING THE 4 YEAR OLD AND HIS SKIS!

    Stay Tuned!
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    girl from florida said...

    Haha!! That's so cute!