March 06, 2006

New Discoveries...

  • Wealth apparently can turn people into serious assholes. We have run into some people that take themselves VERY seriously and do not have any consideration for others whatsoever.
  • I like staying in posh resorts! (we are traveling w/my in-laws)
  • My son is a natural athelete!
  • Who apparently can live off of no food for many days (this is day 4 of almost no food. Go figure. I have NO IDEA why he won't eat and why he's not hungry??!!)
  • I got to workout this morning! GOOD NEWS! My knees didn't hurt! I took it easy, but I think they are healed!!!
  • The babyBjorn is a lifesaver for wandering around w/the baby. The stroller would be so cold for him, so it's nice to have the chest carrier. I turned him facing front yesterday and he LOVES it.
  • The food here is so good, I'm going to have to workout every darn day.

    more later!
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    girl from florida said...

    Yum! Good food sounds wonderful :) Take some pictures!