March 13, 2006


We're Home! Man, what a trip to get here! Our flight was delayed for TWO HOURS!

My husband is a tall guy. And well built. So on a plane, his knees literally have to be tucked in behind the seat in front of him. And it is quite uncomfortable for him if the person in front of him puts his seat back on most planes. Well, this one was really bad. The guy in front of him reclined his seat into hubby's knees. When the guy didn't get what he felt was the full recline, he kept trying to jam it back (I could see from across the aisle that he WAS fully reclined, BTW). Hubby pointed out that the continued rammning would do no good because his seat hwas now resting on his knees, the guy kept doing it for THREE HOURS. AND hubby was holding Baby T (his arms are more comfy for sleeping than mine, go figure). Nice huh? I wanted to get up and smack him. Even the stewardesses noticed, because they were quite rude to him (at the end of the flight, one stewardess put his seat up for him, while he was sleeping!)

Anyway, it's so great to be home! After having 2 kids in a hotel room all week, simply being home feels like a great luxury!

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girl from florida said...

Welcome home!!

I HATE people like that on airplanes! HATE IT!