March 11, 2006

Ugh! A new diagnosis...

Ok... about once a week or so, BabyT would throw up at least an entire feeding, or what looked like 2 feedings. Really gross. Generally we'd attribute it to not getting that last burp out, or moving him around too much after eating...Well.

Since we've been in Colorado, he's had a LARGE, force-full throw up once a day. And boy is that fun when you're traveling, with limited change of clothes, and trying to not make a mess in a super fancy hotel room! So I called the pediatrician last night and she said he sounds like classic silent reflux. It doesn't bother him at all, but the food comes up very easily. Great. And my gut is telling me also that the altitude is making it worse, which is why we're up to throwing up once a day instead of once a week. Please join me in praying that once we get back to a non-high-altitude area, he gets better. Please, please, please. Having a child that throws up at the drop of a hat is an enormous amount of work and stress.

Other than that, traveling w/a 12 week old is fine. Actually much easier than I thought it would be -except for having to wash bottles ALL THE TIME because I didn't bring enough and trying to keep bottled water handy for mixing formula!

And the renting of baby accessories (bouncy seat, stroller) was a GREAT idea. I don't know what we'd have done w/out the bouncy seat, which he LOVED (it's the Fisher price Flutter & Chime I think, we have Ocean Wonders, and he loves the rented one just as much!)

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