March 28, 2006

Overly Busy...


  • Work is crazy. We deploy MAY 31 and the entire client is being coded by ME. And we have nothing so far. Yikes!
  • Hubby and Son have been fighting colds for a week now.
  • Baby T got the cold with a VENGENCE last night. Apparently he is too little for decongestant. We had to do nasal saline drops and nose sucking. Yuk. He didn't like it either, judging from the FIT he threw. I'm not suprised to see that he didn't like it AND that he's got quite the temper.
  • Tonight, we did a steam shower and a warm mist vaporizer in his room. Let's hope it goes better!
  • Surprisingly, I'm tired and have had NO TIME to work out. This sucks. Next week, hubby and I are going to try an alternate schedule to see if it doesn't suck a bit less.

    Over and out.
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