March 31, 2006

And yet, busier...

Ugh. So much to do. At work, I am the only UI developer. So I have to write the entire client. Which is due for DELIVERY on May 31. Which means off to test maybe by May 15? So, I have a bit of work to do! Thank goodness the ONE server developer we have is great and does the design to help make my life easier!

Baby T starts cereal tomorrow! I cannot believe he's that old, but lo and behold, 15 weeks tomorrow! The DR said 16 weeks, but who's counting!

Girl, Sara and Erika STILL haven't had their babies - here's hoping for a productive weekend for them!

Son started soccer this week. Even though he's the youngest in the class, he's apparently already the soccer master! (no, I'm not a wee bit overly proud!)

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girl from florida said...

16 weeks for cereal! I didn't know that, but now I do :) WOW, it's already been 15 weeks???? NO way!!! It seems like yesterday! Do you have any updated pictures?