March 15, 2006

Loving Fisher-Price!

We bought this for Baby T in January and didn't put the toy bar on until he was 2 months old: he loves this VERY MUCH, btw

Ocean Wonders Bouncy seat

Well, a week after putting the toy bar on, when it blows the bubbles, it makes this HORRIBLE noise. SO LOUDLY.

I just called Fisher Price and they are sending a new toy bar! Yay for good customer service!!!

We rented this seat while in Beaver Creek, CO, and he LOVED it as well. The only issue is that it is smaller than the Ocean Wonders one and when he gets taller, he'll outgrow it faster, but man did he love that little bird!

Flutterbye Bouncy Seat!

Because he loved that bouncy seat so much, but it is too small to justify buying, we bought this Monday... (Flutterbye Deluxe Soft Gym)

And, of course, he loves this too. (that is NOT BabyT in the picture! That is Amazon's picture)

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girl from florida said...

LOL, I was going to say, Wow, Baby T has sure changed! :) I'm kidding of course.

We got the Baby Einstein play gym, hopefully she'll like it. My ILs got us a bouncy seat, but it's a neutral Eddie Bauer one without that wonderful toy bar. I'm thinking I can maybe buy one to put on there.