March 21, 2006

A List (because I'm Tired)

  • Work is progressing.
  • I LOVE working in the same building as hubby!
  • Why did Baby T sleep thru the night ALL LAST WEEK and not once today?
  • My mom witnessed her first reflux attack while watching Baby T today.
  • Baby T has almost rolled over. As soon as you lay him down, he rolls onto his side to continue trying to get all the way over.
  • Son starts soccer next Wednesday. Is he already old enough for organized sports? Apparently.
  • Go Erika and Girl! They'll be having their babies soon enough!!!!
  • I got a coupon for 25% off at the COACH store! Yipee!!!!!
  • I seriously need a pedicure.
  • and some sleep.
  • and a couple more hours in the day to get things done.
  • and time to work out.
  • I have lost TWO MORE POUNDS by going back on my PCOS medication! AND I haven't worked out since Sunday!
  • My work pants are getting seriously too big - but they have to last until it's warm enough for spring clothes - should I eat MORE??!!
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    girl from florida said...

    oh, BOO... you and your weight loss and too-big-pants! ;) I'm kidding, of course... you know you are my post-baby inspiration, right??!? Yeah!

    I just got a new Coach purse... LOVE IT! I am a Coach addict!

    I'm glad you're in the same building as hubby!