July 13, 2006

funky shoe day!

I saw 2 people yesterday with funky shoes...
There was a guy dressed in a VERY NICE blue dress-shirt.  With french cuffs and cuff links.  Nice dress pants.
AND black leather sandals.  AND SOCKS (which were white and black patterned).
I was walking behind a guy wearing the little dress boots (instead of shoes).  They are just above ankle-height.  Which is a trendy shoe option, apparently.  BUT he had LIFTS in his shoes, that were SO TALL his heel was NOT IN THE BOOT AT ALL.  Which is why he caught my attention, because something didn't look right as I walked in behind him.  So he was pretty much walking on stilletoes (stiletos? stillettoes?) all day.  Now I know women (definitely me included) wear heels all the time to be taller (the shoes I have on right now are Born Sandals with a 4 inch heel) - but it's obvious to anyone and everyone that I am not normally 5'9".  Seems kinda sneaky for a guy to be doing it, eh?  What do you think?

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