July 28, 2006

GAH! Blogger eating my posts!

I just checked and ALL The posts I sent this week aren't here! Where did they go??

It was a busy week - we're building our code base for the beta release TOMORROW so I've been crazy busy at work, yet unable to stay late due to other obligations (like a pedicure appt Wednesday after work that I couldn't miss due to the fancy awards dinner for my hubby after work Thursday)...and forget squeezing in a workout!

AND I called my OB since the Metformin isn't doing a good job at regulating my cycles, so she upped my dose (we are NOT trying to get pregnant -but our birth control method is "charting" and if you don't ovulate regularly, it's a pain in the ass)...

We're leaving tomorrow to see our fabulous relatives in PA and I haven't packed a thing yet, but home w/the 2 kids all day today, I will more than likely NOT HAVE TIME to pack! Yikes!!!

Both kiddies are doing great! TMan pulled into a sitting position yesterday, and is wobblying up on his hands and knees, ready to fullon crawl any day ( he does a pseudo commando crawl now, and he's DAMN FAST)...

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