July 20, 2006

Thursday Update!

*Sigh*  I can't get ahead can I?

I have to work tomorrow, to make up for missing Monday at work.  Boo hiss.

Saturday we have family portraits, which while exciting!  Is a lot of work.  AND it's going to be seventy-bajillion degrees.

Sunday, we have a birthday party for one of Son's friends that recently moved.  And this party is very far away.  And late in the evening.  SO I will be very tired, esp. when i have to get up the next day at 4:30 a.m.  AND since we have to leave the house much earlier than party start time to get there on time... it all makes for a long day!

BUT hopefully hubby and I will get some house organization done this weekend, so there's that ...right?  right?  Cleaning out the playroom is fun, yes?  No?

ALSO - my baby has super human powers!  Remember, he's exactly 7 months old.  HE GOT OUT OF HIS EXERSAUCER.  It is unbelieveable.  I have no idea how he did it, but he did!  So I guess no more putting him in it while I go shopping at the mall anymore huh?  (hahaha, just kidding!)....

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girl from florida said...

hee!! Try to have SOME fun sweetie! You know, in all your spare time :)