February 28, 2006

Various Notes...

  • Dear Baby T - It was GREAT sleeping through the night. Can we return to that schedule please?
  • My boss wants me to start work on March 13 instead of March 20. We are now in intense negotiations.
  • Lake Placid. This is a movie starring Bridget Fonda, Bill Pullman, and Oliver Platt. All are stars that I thought would be WAY above a movie like this. Apparently there is a 30 foot crocodile in some lake that the townspeople wanted to call Lake Placid until they were told that name was taken. Apparently the character played by BETTY WHITE has been feeding WHOLE COWS to this croc. It also has a taste for humans, apparently, having eaten her character's husband and a local fisherman. It is a TERRIBLE movie w/TERRIBLE effects... but at 1:45 a.m. you don't get much choice...Actually I was pulled in by the awfulness of it...
  • My older son didn't get into the local preschool (we were hoping to switch to a closer one for convience sake, even though we LOVE the one he's in now).
  • Baby T is 10 weeks old. Man, what a baby! He's so smiley it's amazing. He constantly tries to sit himself up. He loves his toys!
  • Fisher-Price Sights&Sounds monitor is CRAP! We bought it when Baby T was born and just replaced it this weekend - it SUCKS. The interference on it is TERRIBLE.
  • Baby Bjorn! I just tried it this weekend and I can't BELIEVE no one told me about this miracle thing when I had my first son! How great is this thing? I love it and so does Baby T. Everyone - go buy one!

    and so I'm done as I hear Baby T on the monitor is up and I have to start our morning routine to get my older son to school on-time. Bye!
  • February 25, 2006

    Well Damn...

    it's time to admit it - last Friday, I ran outside around the neighborhood. 30 minutes! And today I admit, after spending $100 on new running shoes, I gave myself Runner's Knee. Damn. Nothing to do now but SIT and wait for it to go away. I am on an Advil regimin as well as icing...so we'll see.

    February 23, 2006

    2 Month Checkup

    I forgot to update you guys! Baby T had his 2 month on Monday, 13 pds 11 oz! 24 3/4 inches tall, though I think the nurse didn't get all his height, she wasn't stretching him very tall.

    We only did 2 of the 4 shots - we go back in March for the other 2. It just seems to me to be too much medicine for such a little body - when you dose something like Tylenol, it's about 1/2 of what the shot volume is...and it's just Tylenol - so we split up the shots.

    She said he looked fabulous! And was measuring perfect for his growth curve...so yay!

    AND - Last night hubby and I went out and picked out my "birthing present", with a little extra for "my wife had a baby and I left town for a month" money added to it! Thank you hubby, it is lovely and I will cherish it always.

    February 22, 2006


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    Congratulations Also!

    To Corinne and Forrest on the birth of their new son, Shepherd, who arrived almost right on time on Monday!!

    Congratulations Corinne! Now the fun begins!

    February 21, 2006

    Light Blue

    Please drop over at Navy Blue's place. She just had her baby girl early at 25 weeks, and both are doing well so far. I continue to keep all of them in my prayers and am hoping for more updates soon.

    February 16, 2006

    Love On The Rocks

    This is another reality show I've found. Basically, couples in trouble have cameras installed in their home, and 2 doctors help them fix their relationship.

    In the latest one, Tony and SomeChick are a couple. He is an avid mountain climber (please note that this is NOT a paying job). His "work" is construction. She is a real estate investor (read that: has money).

    Their relationship is rocky since they moved in together (shocking, I know). He YELLS at her all the time. He is actually downright nasty and condescending. (if he acted that way to me, he'd be collecting his teeth on his way out the door). They fight all the time.

    She wants to get married and have children. He has a college age daughter at UCLA and wants to be a tour guide in Nepal (or something similar to that, you get the idea). He would like to move to be near his daughter, as he says she is his #1 priority. She does not want to move there. She likes the house that she currently lives in (that he moved in to).

    She would like an engagement ring. He says she'll get one as soon as SHE BUYS them a house near his daughter, and not one minute sooner.

    They show lots and lots of footage of him being an ass and yelling.

    Then the doctors bring them in for counseling. It is pretty funny - you can tell both doctors think he is a LOSER with a capital 'L' and are working hard to point that out to her without actually saying it in front of him. The lady doctor does an exercise with SomeChick to point out the differences between them, listing things like: HE wants to climb mountains, SHE works hard. He wants her to buy house, SHE wants them to buy house together. He does not want children, SHE wants children. ETC. They try and point out to him that he's being an ass and yelling. Not only volume, but what he says as well.

    THEN the couple break up - she seems to realize they are not on the same 'path'. A week later, she says she misses him, but is so much better off without him.

    You guessed it, three months later, they're back together. They cut to footage of him on his construction site, where he's being a smart-ass saying the DR should look deeper into the person, and that he only yells because he's so used to it from work, and if they'd paid any attention to the 'real' him, they'd know that is why he yells, not because he's an inconsiderate mooching ass or anything.

    February 15, 2006


    1.5 pounds more gone!!! Yesterday's weigh in, 131.0 pounds! Down from 132.5 last week! THAT is why my jeans now fit (actually I tried them over weekend)...Running and strength training is really working! (I am still eating like crap: ice cream, candy, cookies, etc. --> goodness knows how much I'd lose if I stopped eating all that junk!! )

    February 13, 2006

    Two Nights!

    He slept from 10 pm to 4:50 am! It would have been more, but he threw up his feeding right before he fell asleep. He did it tonight too, so we'll see....

    February 12, 2006

    And in the EIGHTH WEEK

    he rests.

    Please note, at exactly 8 weeks, 0 days Baby T sleeps through the night for the first time. From 10 pm to 5:09 am. Heaven, let me tell you. Of course, I woke up at 2, 3 and 4 am checking to see if he was awake. He had some awake periods where he was making noises and talking to himself and went right back to sleep.

    I can only PRAY for a repeat performance tonight. We'll see.

    Also - in the eighth week, Mama discovers that her work pants are a little loose (yee haw!) and her cool Gap jeans fit again!!! Yipee kiyay! Of course, the little tops don't quite fit right yet, but we're working on it!!!!

    February 11, 2006

    The Post Office...

    they are dumb over there.

    When my husband was away (for a 2 week trip that got extended to 3 weeks) he ordered some toys for our son. He paid for 2 day delivery so that son could enjoy them right away. When my husband got home, he found out no toys had been delivered (well, no toys from THAT order, all the OTHER orders he placed, they arrived on time)...

    He called the toy company. They said they mailed it and confirmed the address. My husband got the tracking number - according to the USPS website, it was delivered to the wrong zip code. What? The odds that our unusual street name existed in a neighboring zip code are slim to none. Where did the package go? My husband called the main Post Office number and they gave him the local number. The local number goes to a machine that gives the main number. Nice. So he calls the main number back and explains that. They find out that the zip code it was delivered to is actually a special local zip code for State Department packages to be shipped out overseas. Lovely. BUT where the hell did OUR package go, if it went into that part of the post office? He decides to GO DOWN to our local post office to find out. He waits in line. The post office lady says she doesn't do package tracking. He explains that he doesn't need tracking, it's in this building somewhere, in a big pile probably. She says she has other customers to help. WTF? So he, that paid for 2 day shipping, is NOT a customer? He tells her to find someone else to help him. She refuses. She says he needs to use the "white courtesy" phone to call someon. He can see the guy he needs behind her 1/2 door. He tells her to just yell over to him. She refuses. He goes to get him himself - telling her that if she won't do her job, he'll do it for her.

    He leaves his info w/the other guy (who WAS the right guy, btw). That night we get a phone call from a very nice employee who says, that once things go into this "State Department" black hole, they are as good as gone and we should file a claim.

    The next day, the package arrives! Interestingly enough, it DID have our zip code and address on it correct. No idea where it had been for so long.

    THEN yesterday's mail brought me a postcard. It was a postcard my sister-in-law filled out for a scrapbooking magazine where, on the BACK, she puts her name and address as buying a gift subscription for me, and gives my name and address. On the front is the magazine's address, the return address, and a postage stamp.

    Guess where they delivered the post card? To the address, my address, on the back, even though the stamp is on the FRONT. And on the front where the stamp is, is a post office mark of which zip code it should go, listing MINE instead of the one that is 1 inch away from the mark, with the magazine's zip code.

    It must be WORK to be that incompetent, no?

    February 07, 2006

    Workin' Out!

    Yay me! I ran on Saturday (1/2 hour of intervals!). Then went to the trainer yesterday...I was back down the 2.5 pds I had gained! Yay! So 132.5 pds for me it is! I did a HARD leg workout w/the trainer today and will run 2 more times this week, plus 2 sessions of ab work on my own. I can't wait to see what the scale says next Tuesday! (of course, a relative JUST sent us a Valentine's set from Cheryl&Co, which is AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS. I don't know how they get packaged cookies to taste better than homemade from scratch, but they are some DAMN good cookies!

    February 03, 2006

    Thank heavens!

    Baby T returned to only getting up twice last night. I put him down at 10:30 pm and he got up at 1:50 and 5:45. Then for good at 8:45. So that was VERY NICE.

    Today has been HECTIC! I was feeding Baby T and he threw up what looked like his 9 a.m. feeding (we were almost done) and his 5:45 am bottle all over me (I used myself to shield my new family room chairs!). So then it was 2 bottles worth of time re-feeding him all that food. THEN I'm trying to get the last of the house picked up so the cleaning lady can clean, Baby T decides today is a GREAT day to test not having any morning naps (he usually takes 2 or 3!). Then I notice that Son hasn't picked up his room and now I have to do it (no time to spend supervising him doing it)... Of course, Son would like breakfast at somepoint as well... I start to make fried toast for him, the bread is moldy. I talk him into yogurt instead, it is expired. Finally, I get him to eat some turkey bacon and cereal bars. Nice choices there, huh? Next thing I know, it's lunch time and we have to do the whole "what does Son want to eat that I actually have in the house?" routine again. Whew.

    FINALLY Baby T is down for a nap, but the cleaning lady is still here so I can't hop in the shower!

    Oh.. the training session went GREAT yesterday, except I weighed myself. Since hubby has been home, I GAINED two pounds. So we're back to 135. Oh well. I'm trying to talk myself into a run later this afternoon. We'll see.

    February 02, 2006

    Egads Boy!

    Baby T wanted to eat last night at 11:30, 12:45, 2:50, 3:30, 4:50 and 6:30. I would be understanding and thinking this was a growth spurt...but he ate ONE OUNCE at each feeding. Let me tell you, it really sucks putting him down after eating ONE OUNCE because you KNOW that he's getting right-the-f back up in about an hour (OR LESS)... we tried EVERYTHING to wake him to finish the feeding...and nothing worked...changing diapers, laying down and picking him right back up, tickling feet, tickling hands, chin, etc. NOTHING would work, he was SO TIRED. So we'll see what tonight shall bring (it better be our regular schedule of only TWO wake-ups between 9 pm and 6 am!!)...