April 26, 2006

Allergies! And Pollen! and sneezing, oh my!

Yikes! Yesterday son came down w/a HUGE CASE of allergies. Like
swollen face, red squinty eyes, sneezing and a river of snot ("mommy!
The boogies won't stop coming!")...

So I made an emergency appt w/his DR for today to get a script for
Zyrtec. They helped him IMMEDIATELY. Love modern medicine sometimes
(I'm still questioning of DRs in general, but when it comes to
allergies, I know my stuff and generally lead the DR down the path I
have chosen of treatment).

AND last night? Was the 3rd straight night of sleep in the Princess
household, Hooray! Let's go for 4!!!!!!!

1 comment:

girl from florida said...

agg what is your email? I can't find it anywhere for some insane reason, I wanted to send you my snapfish album!!!

I am jealous of all this "sleep" you are talking about. What is this "sleep" thing? Huh? Delirious over here... :)