April 19, 2006

Now with Updates!

Hi there y'all!  Now I can send in updates by email - so we should be seeing them more often right?  I hope so!
Baby T - man he's growing so fast!  He's so big and everyday learning new things.  It's amazing to watch him put things in his mouth, look for people, recognize people he knows, find new things to see on his exerasaucer!  He even sat UNASSISTED yesterday for a few minutes!
Son - he's growing like a weed too!  All his winter clothes are way too small...I saw him kicking around the soccer ball yesterday and he IS a soccer master!  He's amazing at it - esp. considering he's only had TWO classes and is only 4 years old.  He's got dribbling (do they call it that?) down pat, as well as evasive manuvers in case someone's trying to take the ball way.  SO cool to watch!

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girl from florida said...

Yay! He's SITTING already?!?! Wow!! Time flies!