April 24, 2006

Monday Update!

Well. A lovely weekend!

Baby T slept all night last night! Hubby had to go in a couple of times and roll him back onto his back, but I guess around 6 a.m., he found a way to get comfy on his belly and settled down (Baby T, not hubby! ;-) Let's hope this trend continues! We are SO TIRED between getting up to feed him and having to work, it's exhausting to put it mildly. Of course, this doesn't fix the exhaustion that comes from having to get up at 4:30 a.m. Monday thru Thursday, but it could help a lot!'

My SIL had her baby shower yesterday - she's due at the end of May w/my little nephew. I can't wait! My brother put on the Baby Bjorn w/Baby T in it yesterday to see how he'd like it and it wasn't too bad it seems! I love this thing - one thing we cannot live without. And the food there was awesome, so much for my diet!!

I did get a run in on Friday and a lifting session and elliptical today (never as long as I'd like, but once again, I'll take what I can get!).

OH! And I found a new show "Honey, We're Killing The Kids!" - it's a show about totally unhealthy kids and their families. The DR shows the parents where the kids diet and lifestyle will take the kids when they are 40. It is AMAZING how some parents let their kids live. Of course, we let son eat quite a bit of sweets and play video games, but he spends roughly 2 hours a day (AT LEAST) outside running around at home, plus soccer once a week, plus he only gets 'dessert' if he's eaten his fruit for the meal. Anyway, the DR tries to get the whole family unit to change their ways. It's interesting - some parents give in and let the kids eat junk during the show anyway...some parents do really well. You should check it out!

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