January 29, 2007


another day another dollar.
Here we go w/another tedious work/school week!
I have my 28 week glucose test on Wednesday ( was 28 weeks Saturday )...and my checkup on Thursday --> wish me luck!
Still no luck picking out a girl's nursery set or furniture.  Someone help us or we are SO not going to be ready when BabyGirl gets here.  I am looking for a girl's set that definitely GIRLY but NOT frilly.

I like the SOHO set (green/pink/orange)...and a brown/pink squiggles set...but I don't like anything I've seen enough to actually buy it.  There is a pink daisy set at PotteryBarnKids that is ok...I'm only leaning towards that because I know I can get drapes etc. very easily.

Suggestions??! Please!

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