January 12, 2007

Sonogram update...

Boo.  LittleGirl was facing my back, head down (which is good for delivery, bad for good pictures)...the tech spent 45 minutes trying to get a good picture, but no dice.
Last time, we used BabyInsight, and the tech was wonderful.  This tech, at Motherhood Sonograms in Tysons, VA , not so much.  Now I know it is NOT her fault she couldn't get a good picture.  BUT as soon as she said that, we asked to convert to a gender only scan w/the intentions of trying again in a week (gender scan = ~$75.  Full scan - $199).  She said she didn't know and continued to try and get a good pic.  She wouldn't go ask anyone about it.  This exact same thing happend to the people in front of us last time and BabyInsight told them to return in a week and they'd try again. That's why I thought that was what we would do, but no.
Oh well, lesson learned.  Next time (if there is BabyFour) we'll drive to Baby Insight for the better tech and the better policies.  Good news, LittleGirl looks great from what we could tell (the tech didn't offer ANY information or do any measuring.  I don't think she was a real "tech", just one that runs the machine to get pictures).
25w6d today!  LittleGirl here in approximately 12 weeks!  YIKES!  We need to repaint the guest room to move BabyT in there, then repaint BabyT's room in girl colors.  AND buy more baby furniture, as BabyT is still in his crib and will be for a while. 


Miss X said...

Congrats on being pg with your baby girl! How exciting!

girl from florida said...

YIPPEEE!!! A baby girl :) I'm sooooo excited for you! I can't wait to see pics of your nursery... you will post them, right?