January 25, 2007

thanks for the consideration!

At our office, there is a general Health database where people can share info and ask questions.
There is a lady on there posting symptoms and from what people can guess-timate, she either has MONO or the FLU.  She started posting yesterday, listing symptoms that just sound miserable and I am very sympathetic - no one wants anyone else to feel like that.

But, her DR won't see her until Monday (she said she just made an appt, didn't give symptoms).  So she's at work today (again) spreading her germs all over the place.  I understand coming to work w/a cold or cough.  But when you're reasonably sure (based on symptoms) that you have MONO or the flu, stay home DAMMIT. 
Why would anyone at work want to be anywhere near you?  Needless to say, if I come down w/either (esp. MONO which seems to last a long time) while pregnant and manage to pass it down to my kids (I can't think of anything else more fun than a 13 month old miserable w/MONO (other than my pregnant self miserable w/MONO).
Wish me luck!  No touching door handles or elevator buttons for me!

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