January 05, 2007

My toy!

I got a Nintendo DS! I've been hearing about this Brain Age game and wanted to give it a shot!

So hubby got me one for Christmas - I LOVE IT.

The first time I took the Brain Age test (you want the lower brain age)...let me start this way - hubby got a 40 year old brain age and was pretty happy. I took it and got a brain age of TWENTY! This is the lowest score you can get. Guess I don't need the game after all! Just kidding. I keep playing - as you play more games, you get new games to try and it's SO FUN!

You should try it!

1 comment:

enjanerd said...

ooh! congratulations! i got that this summer and had a lot of fun unlocking stuff, but stopped playing after a month or two. if you have fun with that one, i'd really recommend big brain academy. i thought those games were more fun/challenging.