January 17, 2007


I threw away our last container of formula today.
We are down to 1 bottle per day, and BabyT gets so excited about it, I cannot imagine not giving it to him at night.
We have the following words:
wawa (water)
down (with POINTING!)
This! (also with POINTING)
Nana (for banana)
affle (for waffle)
roar! (for what does the lion say)
ooff! (for what does the doggie say)
ookie (guess what this one's for!)
ba! (bottle)
bal   (ball)
We have made so much progress recently.  It is amazing to watch the little brains grow!  We have discovered the wonders of The Wiggles and music!  with dancing!  is fun to watch!  He loves them, my older son was not nearly as enthralled.  His first love was JayJay the Jet Plane, which makes sense now that I see how much he loves planes and jets (of the military type). 

Do I have a future rock star on my hands?  He certainly is cute enough!

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