January 25, 2007

My Son, the genius!

I just had Son's parent/teacher conference...and I could not be prouder of my little guy!
** his drawing shows marked improvement and self-awareness.  For example, his self-portrait in November is a stick figure.  His self-portrait for January shows a more-person like figure with separate thighs/calves, FEET!, and a torso.
** he can write his numbers, unassisted, up to 12 (he can count out loud to 70).  The big thing here is that when he is out of room on the first line, he moves to the second line and starts from the left edge, and continues writing left-to-right.  Previously, he would then write right-to-left.
** he is one of only four children in the class that NEVER needs to be reminded to say please/thank you/etc.  She said he is very very polite and respectful.  He does not need instructions repeated because he listens and only has to be asked once to do something.
** from the way he acts at school, he loves it and his friends and is well adjusted.
** the teacher said that it is very obvious he is getting wonderful attention from parents/caregivers outside the classroom.  He always has things to tell her about what we've been doing at home, or a book he's been read, etc.
** they are currently learning that numbers have word translations (that the word "one" is the same as seeing "1").
He is apparently doing great! One of my co-workers asked what I attributed his wonderful-ness to and I have to admit, I think it's all him.  He's a great kid that has a great attitude and is very smart.  I don't think his wonderful personality and behaviour has anything to do w/us.  It's just that he's a good one!

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