November 05, 2007

dear cashier at Wendy's drive thru...

I watched you try and fit three different lids on my soda.  you gave up and handed it to me thru the drive-thru window STILL w/a lid that didn't fit right.  And seemed STUNNED when I asked you to please put on a lid that was't mis-shapen.  Like I am supposed to ignore that and drive around w/a full soda and no lid?

AND don't look all "puuuu-llleeeeaaasseee" when I check each and every cheeseburger to be sure there is no mayo, lettuce, tomato, etc. hiding on there.  You guys at Wendy's (and this one in particular) always get the burgers wrong when I don't check right away.  And I will not pull forward to check, because then what would I do?  Come in to have the problem fixed?  I am NOT getting all three kids in and out of the car to go in and fix your mistake (and then, of course, stand there w/all three kids while you make new burgers?  I don't think so).  SO I will sit at the window and check them, thank you very much.

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