November 04, 2007

donating money to the school...

Son started Kindergarten - so far we have "donated" (or been asked to donate or purchase)

** $82 worth of wrapping paper (we bought it, we did not ask co-workers and family to do so.  We bought an amt we thought he'd possibly sell.)
** $20 for the Fall Festival (the "Not Halloween" party they had on Oct 31)
** $25 for an Entertainment coupon book
** $15 to buy the library a new book in honor of Son for his birthday
** $50 at the school bookfair
** $15 to buy items for the class gift basket to be auctioned off at the Winter Festival

Seriously -for eight weeks worth of school, this much money already?

We also spent $64 on school pictures which came out BLURRY, with the WRONG background color and where Son is not freaking-centered in the picture!

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Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

I am with you; schools ask too much. I also have a love-hate relation with these fund raisers.

I really dislike parents who bring the wares to the office and sell the items the kids, themselves, ought to be hocking. Raising money for good causes is fine, but they have to set a better limit.