November 27, 2007

why ruin a holiday with sleep?

Or "How our Thanksgiving Went"

We left Wednesday morning for PA to see Aunt L and Granny.  There was NO traffic.  It was like a scene out of a horror movie where everyone has disappeared!  It was stunning and wonderful to travel and HAVE NO TRAFFIC!

The kids loved being in PA.  Aunt L and her daughter (R) and her son (A) are fabulous w/the kids and man, do the kids love them to pieces!  Wednesday night went as follows: BabyT SCREAMED at the top of his lungs for TWO HOURS STRAIGHT.  BabyJ, just having started her anti-biotics would only sleep in our arms in the chair.  It was quite a lovely scene as you could imagine.

Turkey day was great - the kids played and had fun.  We had holiday soup for lunch and a fabulous 25 pound turkey for dinner!  Then that night - BabyJ was up on and off and BabyT only shrieked for a little bit.  Of course, BabyJ was up for the day at SIX AM.

Friday - also great, but included shopping at Kohl's for their sale!  The toys are always at a great price on Black Friday there.

Then Saturday, about 1, we headed home.  Again, traffic was very light, even on 95 which was still amazing!

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