November 07, 2007

my day...

6:15 - Adamant "GET DOWN!" startles me awake.  I scramble to babyT's room to get him before his voice escalates and wakes other children.

6:20 - Inform BabyT that there will be no cartoons shown before 7 am.  He starts meltdown which wakes BabyJ.  Excellent.  Put on Scooby-doo so that he will not get into anything dangerous or messy while I go get BabyJ and change her.  Run into Son in hallway - tell him it's TOO EARLY to be up and go back to bed.  Yes, he may sleep in our bed instead.

7 a.m. (on the dot!) Son emerges from my room as he knows this is when I have deemed it acceptable time for him to be up.  Catches me eating my morning cereal bar.

7:30 feed BabyJ oatmeal, then bottle.

8 - feed BabyT and Son each 1 banana, chocolate milk and a donut as a surprise!  Wander aimlessly around house holding baby so she doesn't spit up breakfast.

9 - my mother arrives, thank GOD.  I shower myself and BabyT.  Fold laundry while he draws in shower.  Make him 89,000 cups of bubbles.

10 am talk babyT into going upstairs so I can clean.  Realize I need to make Son's lunch (yes, he eats at 10 because of kindergarten schedule) and get him dressed.  50 minutes is NOT enough time to do all of that.  BabyT has meltdown becuase he was excited to go upstairs and play.  Damn.

10:10 Son starts eating 1/2 sandwich.
10:15 BabyJ wants bottle.  Harass Son to eat faster.  Start laundry.
10:20 BabyT needs snack.
10:30 Inform Son he needs to kick it if he wants to be on bus.

Good lord, I'm tired of typing already and only up to 10:30!  Good grief,

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