November 02, 2007

working sucks

as I get closer to my "return to work" (Nov 12, btw.  But only part time) I get REALLY angry.  Why is it that people (ie. Britney Spears) get the resources (time and money) to spend UNLIMITED amounts of time and energy on their kids, but DON'T and other really wonderful moms have to goto work to make ends meet, when they WANT to spend time w/their kids.  Life is so unfair.  And then when I see her making a total ass out of herself, I just want to smack her.  Or other moms who don't work, yet feel the need to have a nanny?

Don't get me wrong, I'd LOVE help.  Were I to be so lucky, I would employ a full-time cleaning person, chef, etc.  But NOT a nanny.  The kids could be my only responsibility around the house.  Let someone else cook, clean and organize!

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