November 26, 2007

the TV!

Oh my - but there is SO MUCH good tv on I can't stand it!  I love some TV time!  What I'm watching  now:

** Nip/Tuck.  Man this is awesome.  The show is so good I wish it was on more often. The storylines this season are GREAT!
** Survivor.  This season is also shaping up great!  I love the gravedigger guy!
** Dr. Phil.  He seems to have trashier topics this year.  I love it, nothing better than trashy-talk-reality shows!
** EVEREST!  This years trip to climb Everest.  It is awesome, except for the arrogant Tim and his graphics of the steel in his legs and back. Phurba the Sherpa is fantastic and I love that he gets to do something challenging even to him, though I hope they are paying him an entire lifetime salary to do it since his job is to help the client do it.  And he's doing it w/out guide/safety ropes. Awesome.
** Desperate Housewives.  Also awesome and trashy!

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